Sino-Dutch Summer School

On the behalf of the steering committee and the organizing committee, we would like to welcome you to the Sino-Dutch International High Talent Summer School on Semiconductor Technologies. The objective of this Summer School is to strengthen the collaboration between China and the Netherlands in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics by bringing highly talented Ph. D. students together. Experts both from academia and industry, both from the Netherlands and China, give lectures on all aspects of microelectronics and emerging technologies.

In the past decades, the progresses of semiconductors are mainly powered by Moore's law focusing on miniaturisation down to nanoscale, resulting in the transition from microelectronics into nanoelectronics. Recently, we have witnessed the quick development of a new area of micro/nanoelectronics beyond the boundaries of Moore's law, called "More than Moore" (MtM). MtM creates and adds various non-computing/non-memory functionalities to semiconductor products, and focusing on creating high value and multi-functional micro/nanoelectronics systems. With unlimited technology possibilities and application potentials, MtM is becoming the key enabler for IoT, IoE, big data, wearable electronics, and many other system level applications; MtM is selected as the main scope of this summer school.

Chinese semiconductor industry and research developed very fast in the past decades. Driven by the strong market need, together with the new national strategy and plan, we expect even faster and profound development of Chinese semiconductors in the coming years. As the Netherlands is one of the few countries with strong knowledge base and complete value chain of semiconductors intensive cooperation between the two countries creates a clear win-win situation.

We fully believe that by focusing on the development of top talents and future technology leaders, with specially designed, high level and dedicated program, this summer school will be successful , enjoyable and unforgettable. It establishes a high level network for your future career in an extremely challenging field.