Sino-Dutch Summer School 2018

On behalf of the steering committee and the organizing committee, we would like to welcome you to the seventh edition of the Sino-Dutch International IC Technology Exchange and High Talent Summer School. The objective of this Summer School is to strengthen the collaboration between China and the Netherlands in the field of micro- and nano-electronics.  The school provides a unique opportunity for highly talented Ph.D. students (both from the Netherlands and China) to learn about semiconductor technologies, start-up and entrepreneurship, and leadership-competencies and their added value, from well recognised experts from academia and industry (both from the Netherlands and China). In addition, the school invites some delegates from universities and corporations and focuses on intensive interaction between all the participants, not only to develop and enhance students’ leadership-competencies for a successful career in a global and technology demanding world, but also to promote the development of the IC Industry and to create a network for high-level cooperation in a field, which is basic for almost all future innovations.  Hence, the event sets another step forward in creating a link between Dutch and Chinese talented students, academia and industries. The 2018 edition of the school will be hosted by Tsinghua University in Beijing. The theme is: “Integrated Circuits for Artificial Intelligence”. 

This highly recognised summer school continues its well-established format by providing an exceptionally high quality program covering not only semiconductor technologies, but also start-up and entrepreneurship skills as well as leadership-competencies to prepare students for the students for a successful career in a global and technology demanding world. The program consists of five components:

  • Keynotes & industrial talks. 
  • Conventional Technologies: this component covers different common aspects of the Integrated Circuits (ICs) and semiconductor technology (including device technology, manufacturing, packaging, test, reliability, …) from the basics up to state-of-the art and future challenges.
  • Emerging Technologies: This component covers some emerging technologies such as power electronics, IoT, 3D electronics, FinFET, Resistive memories, monolithic stacking, etc.
  • A thematic topic: this component covers a specific theme. The theme of this year will be “ICs for Artificial Intelligence”.
  • Start-up & entrepreneurship:  this component covers entrepreneurship and start-ups. The objective here is to make students familiar with the idea of setting up a company and learn from the experience of others. By doing this, we aim at inspiring top talented PhD students to consider the creation of their own start-ups and have an economic impact in the future.  
  • Leadership & Performance Program: this component consists of  training and coaching of Advanced Human Competencies, such as intercultural communication, team dynamics and personal leadership; and it is provided by MotivMiles-training & coaching company. These competencies are very critical for today’s and future business, especially when considering the current globalized and horizontal IC and semiconductor business model.

At this point, we would like to thank everyone who enabled the organisation of this school, including the sponsors and supports, the organising committee, the steering committee, the delegates, the speakers and the students. A successful summer school would not be possible without individual contributions of all of you.

We fully believe that with a specially designed, high-level and dedicated program, focusing on the development not only of top talents and future technology leaders, but also of IC Industry, this summer school will be successful, enjoyable and unforgettable. It establishes a high level network for your future career in an extremely challenging field.



Tsinghua University